Why Aruba

Aruba has long enjoyed a history as a world-renowned vacation destination and has therefore attracted investments for its tourism sector, building a strong brand name as a top vacation destination. What many do not know is that Aruba is fast developing as an international financial services center with favorable provisions for international investors. 

Aruba prides itself in its ability to provide a safe and stable investment environment with an excellent infrastructure that supports the financial services. Aruba is situated in the crystal-clear blue waters of the Caribbean just miles of the coast of South America at the crossroads of the Americas and Europe. All the characteristics that have made Aruba a world-renowned vacation destination is in fact components that make it a success as an international business destination.

A strength which differentiates Aruba is its highly skilled, service-oriented and multilingual workforce. Aruba has proven that it has a fast growing and maturing financial services industry, with established infrastructure, an international regulatory and legal framework, a tough yet supportive regulator, and highly talented insurance managers, bankers, lawyers and accountants. The Aruban jurisdiction shows great promise for current and potential Captive owners in the Captive Insurance Industry.

Aruba Tax

A domicile’s tax advantages are one of the motivating factors to choose for a Captive Insurance Company. Recent changes in the Aruba tax legislation have exempted the Captive free of income tax.

Tax advantages may be of significance in the decision to form a Captive, they should never be the prime-motivating factor.

-Excellent regulations for Captives, which keeps pace with the fast changing needs of the industry.

-Zero profit tax for Captives

-Part of the Dutch Kingdom with a very stable economy

-Trustworthy financial system

-Who wouldn't want to hold board meetings in one of the top vacation places in the Caribbean.

By combining deep captive expertise with industry-leading analytics, we can help your organization to use a captive insurance company to manage risk on your own terms.

An effective and affordable alternative solution to traditional commercial insurance, which can be impacted by rate instability and changing underwriting requirements

Much lower costs due to reduced initial start-up costs and shared services

Coverage for “difficult to place” risks

Flexibility in program design

Greater control over claims and the ability to manage risk

Ability to issue insurance policies and access reinsurance markets

We offer a wide range of services, including:

Strategic management.


-Insurance-policy management.

-Claims management.

-Regulatory compliance.

-Corporate Secretarial.