Forming & Operating a Captive

Basic Steps

The initial process to form a captive in Aruba begins with the following steps:

  • Identify your risk/insurance problem or opportunity
  • Conduct a feasibility study to determine the pros and cons of captive formation for your specific situation.
  • Determine Captive type suits you best.
  • Engage service providers, appoint insurance manager, auditor and bank.
  • Apply for License
  • Incorporate

Captive fees in Aruba

We guarantee the highest quality service at the lowest reasonable fee for both new captives and take over projects.

ACMS and Captive

What does ACMS mean to you in the field of Captive?
ACMS strives to provide every captive program with the highest quality service possible from incorporation to management. ACMS is not affiliated with any insurance broker, insurance company or bank. The independence eliminates possible conflicts of interest in providing captive management services to clients. The following are services provided:

  • Establishing of the captive insurance company.
  • Assisting with feasibility study and with license application in accordance with the appropriate insurance law.
  • Managing of the captive insurance company and registered office facilities.
    Providing corporate services, maintain minute book and other corporate records.
  • Attending and preparing all meetings of the companies (Board of directors, shareholders, and committee meetings) and other strategic meetings as deemed appropriate.
  • Preparing and maintaining accounting records and unaudited financial statements and work with captive’s auditor to produce the captive’s audited financial statements.
  • Liaising with service providers: banks, insurance authorities, actuarial analysts, legal and tax advisors, investment managers and insurance consultants.
  • Tax filings, including annual corporate income tax returns.
  • Monitoring of ongoing regulatory compliance.
  • Preparing Captive policy and claims administration.