Captive Basics

A captive insurance company is a separate legally entity, established and is a licensed insurance company in its chosen domicile.

What is a captive?

Captive insurance is a regulated form of self-insurance that is created, owned, and controlled by its insureds.

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Why Aruba?

Excellent regulations for Captives, which keeps pace with the fast changing needs of the industry.

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Why Form a captive?

Captive insurance is growing as a risk management tool and provides many advantages for an organization...

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About us

Aruba Captive Management Services (“ACMS”) with its main office located in Oranjestad, Aruba, is an independent captive services company that provides Captive Insurance consulting, formation, licensing and management services.

ACMS knows that each captive program is unique, and we will work closely with our clients to design the appropriate captive program, tailored to the needs of each client. We strive to provide every captive program with the highest quality service possible from incorporation to management, ensuring the client that the entity established is in compliance with Aruba tax laws, government and Captive regulations. ACMS is not affiliated with insurance company or bank. The independence eliminates possible conflicts of interest in providing captive management services.

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Forming & Operating a captive

The initial process to form a captive in Aruba begins with the following steps:

  • Identify your risk/insurance problem or opportunity
  • Conduct a feasibility study to determine the pros and cons of captive formation for your specific situation.
  • Determine Captive type suits you best.
  • Engage service providers, appoint insurance manager, auditor and bank.
  • Apply for License
  • Incorporate
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Captive fees in Aruba

We guarantee the highest quality service at the lowest reasonable fee for both new captives and take over projects.

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Our partners

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Aruba Captive Management Services (“ACMS”)

with its main office located in Oranjestad, Aruba
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