Captive Insurance Policy

Captive insurance is a one kind and is self-insurance done by businesses of various sizes to cover the risks that are not covered by the conventional insurances market. A captive insurance company is set up by a parent company or a group of companies to cover their risks. The parent company or companies first select a captive insurance policy, with low claims ratio and appropriate for them. Then a captive manager should be hired to help in conducting the captive feasibility study. A good captive manager like us always helps its clients by providing them with appropriate captive insurance solutions that would benefit the captive insurance company. Captive managers always strive to keep the captive running smoothly and for the owners to benefit as much as possible out of it. It is the work of a good captive manager to continuously analyse the covered businesses under the captives to improve benefits/profits. Our company is an independent captive management company and we provide risk solutions, captive management services, from incorporation, to licensing.

Once the captive is operational, the captive manager’s role becomes focused on ensuring that the new captive delivers the full extent of the benefits possible and evolves over time to meet the owner’s strategic and risk objectives.