Andrew Osbourne


Andrew (Andy) career in Hospitality spans fifty (50) years spread between the UK, the USA and the Caribbean - namely Barbados, St. Lucia, Jamaica, Bahamas and now in Aruba, where he has resided for the past twenty-eight (28) years.

Andrew is the hospitality Captive specialist of ACMS and has held senior management positions in both private and Internationally branded Resorts in both Transient and Timeshare segments of Tourism.

In both cases, reduced expenses - without negatively affecting Quality and Service - are paramount and this is one of the main benefits of Captives which will be very much embraced by Resorts and indeed many other business models. In addition to the financial reward, one of the other significant benefits of Captives is that entrepreneurs become much more knowledgeable and in control of their risk management which is a very important line item expense.

By sharing the myriad advantages of Captives further, Andrew looks forward to expanding the list of satisfied clients.